DSL System

Michael Wührer

This tool works as integration into Unity3D version 3


Does not require Unity Pro


For iPhone/iPad/iPod touch publishing Unity iOS is required

DSL System

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You want to create a RPG or a adventure game. You need many dialogues, quests, items and complex behavior for the NPCs, but you don't want to code million lines of code.


Then you found the right solution for your game.


The DSL-System 1.0 provides a new language especially designed for scripting NPC behavior like dialogues, changing skills, transferring items and handling quests.


With the Diary Scripting Language it is as easy as writing a storyboard, to create stunning dialogues and behavior for your NPCs. Take a look at the game Erik Bryton - Lost in Cunningham which was completely created with the DSL-System


With the DSL-System you can handle Item transfer with the player and other NPCs. You can change the skills of the NPCs and the player.


You can also adjust the complete system so that it fits completely into your own game. Additionally you can extend the functionality of the system with any function you write inside Unity3D


The system is completely integrated into the Unity3D Editor so that you can use the system directly in Unity. You can also use all known features you know from Unity like save the code, wait till compile and press play to test your results.


The package includes documentation which is directly available inside the Unity Editor and with tools to set the compiler, create NPCs, set up the scene and setting up the player.


To get you started with the system we also included a little example to illustrate the usage of the system.


Now get the system and give it a try.


Supported targets:


- PC/MAC Standalone

- iPhone/iPad/iPod touch


Also get the official Handbook as pdf for free.


This book includes the game Erik Bryton - Lost in Cunningham and a chapter with detailed instructions how it was made with DSL-System 1.0


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